Our Company title is a promise, we WILL be producing fabulous food.

We source the best local produce, prepare it and add our own special magic, straight to you and then you can enjoy it.  No food miles to speak of and a carbon footprint of miniscule proportions... ethical. 

Events and Festivals are on the increase in Ireland, and we think that you need healthy, tasty and fun options to liven up your days out.  We will give it to you, it’s that simple.

Don‘t get us wrong - we LOVE burgers - we do intend to sell burgers (we’re not food saints!) but good, home-made burgers, created by loving hands using local free-range produce from traditional breeds… this also helps our local farmers and producers… it helps all of us… Keep it local and eat fresher.

With something for vegetarians and vegans, the forgotten ones.  Should you miss out on all the goodies?  We care about you too.  We’ll also have seasonable variations on our menu lists, whatever is in season is used first, better flavours and healthier too.

We don’t particularly like ‘supermarket’ bread and rolls so we have sourced a local baker to produce bread and rolls especially for us.  We love to garden and to grow things.  That’s why we will be growing as much as possible our own fruit and vegetables in our own gardens.  Pesticide and chemical free.  Tastier and healthier, and obviously fresher too.  What we produce in the garden also goes to make our own chutneys and preserves, sauces and stocks for our soups too! Yum!!!  No nasty preservatives, colourings or sweeteners, definitely no E numbers.

We hate litter. So we have made our packaging entirely compostable! 100%. Even the cutlery.  No more nasty plastic.   We are traveling all over Northern Ireland to find food heroes, people who are specialists and care about the product they offer, we will have:-

•    Bakers

•    Free-range traditional breed pork and beef farmers

•    National award-winning meat suppliers

•    Local vegetable and fruit producers

“Supplying Us

From Them

To Us, To You”